At Lelogix, we believe in the power of technology to solve just about anything. ThatÔÇÖs why we pool some of the best minds and put them to work on the toughest challenges.

Lower Total Cost

Purchasing services from us saves you the employee taxes, administrative overheads, agency fees and possible severance pay that you would have to pay a direct hire. This can be a savings of as much as 50% of the direct salary.

Accessibility and Accountability

Accessibility and Accountability are key parts of our business culture. Our practice leaders are always available to our clients and our team leaders are empowered to take decisions. The result is that our clients tell us that they are impressed by our responsiveness and ability to make decisions quickly.

Scalability-Resource Advantage

Ramp up/downsize resource at relative short notice. Resource sharing between projects-leading to optimal resource utilization. Induction and training for identified resources

Optimum Solutions

The process workflow is designed to cater to diverse situations. For typical queries, our extensive knowledge base enables us to access concise and accurate responses to customer queries and problems. This process is designed to ensure a quick response time and does not allow escalation to fall through the cracks due to lack of ownership.

Single Contact Resolution

We try to anticipate the customer’s next question and attempt to make the first response as comprehensive as possible to ensure single contact resolution. We encourage minimization of number of contacts – it has a beneficial impact on both customer satisfaction and processing costs.

We Never Let You Down

  • Our client testimonials say Lelogix people go to extraordinary lengths to solve problems, or just help out.Our people model attracts talented, highly motivated, client- focused individuals with a “can-do” attitude.
  • We have never had a termination for project failure or for non-performance.This fact is reinforced by all of our customers in the annual customer satisfaction survey conducted by a third-party.
  • Our flexibility, responsiveness, ownership and the assurance that we will never let you down is core to our delivery model. If problems arise, we swarm around the challenge and quickly work to get the job done without arguing about who’s at fault. Our people are proud of our track record and work hard to contribute to our stellar service reputation.

ThereÔÇÖs still More

  • Highest possible software development quality.
  • Latest infrastructure that are readily available thereby reducing project start time
  • Our Project managers are an experienced group of professionals, possessing excellent communication skills and proficiency in MSProject.
  • We have specific communication norms that are followed when communicating with a client in the course of a project, especially its offshore development center.
  • We have diversified pool of skilled professionals from where clients can select the skill sets they require for their offshore development center.
  • Our competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budget.
  • Here work happens on a 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US.

So your yesterday eveningÔÇÖs problem actually gets converted to today morningÔÇÖs solution.