We at Lelogix define quality with customer success and delight. It is how successfully and timely we are able to develop and implement solutions for our customers. The direct measure of our quality is the degree to which we meet our customerÔÇÖs requirements and exceed their expectations. We have always believed in the principal of promising what we can deliver and then delivering more than we have promised to ensure that we achieve not just customer satisfaction but customer delight. This has been depicted by the number of repeat orders we have obtained from our customers. As we strongly believe that quality speaks for itself we do not promote ourselves heavily through sales activities, most of our clientele is by means of word of mouth and references both nationally and internationally.

Quality Process:

All our processes are defined keeping in mind the quality factor. The endeavour is always to identify defects and constant improvement in the development and delivery mechanism to ensure that all our products and services are world class and achieve customer delight. We have well defined and documented processes revolving around ISO compliant system for each and every activity within the organization right from customer need identification, Analysis, Design and Development, QA and Testing, Deployment, support and administration. Our repository has documents and formats to capture details of activities within the processes which are collated and patterns are identified to determine improvement and focus areas for the various teams.

Quality Implementation:

We believe that every individual has his own definition and standards for quality. In order to ensure that all professionals working with Lelogix are delivering at the same quality levels and standards we emphasis strongly on continuous cross training and understanding of our quality processes by each and every individual in the different teams and implementation of the same on a daily basis. Every individual is accountable to implement the quality processes and achieve the organizational goals of customer centric solutions.