Our most exciting growth opportunities are there where business and social interests intersect. We’re using our technological and philanthropic resources to address the world’s social and environmental needs. In the process, we’re fuelling the social innovation that will open new markets and drive our growth. Just have a look at helpxpress.com and shaadimilan.com to know what we are talking about.


To deliver proven solutions those drives innovation and improve performance. We aim to provide a seamless extension of our clientÔÇÖs customer relationship management process by being a premier provider of customer acquisition, customer care, and retention services.


To be a global, industry-leading provider of high quality, cost effective services designed to increase relationship using intellectual capital of Indian brain.

We will keep building our skills and distinguishing project methodology, together with our industry, business process and technology knowledge. Thus, we will be able to bring you the best practices, technologies and business models and help you to take full advantage of IT driven opportunities, and to anticipate and respond to new business challenges.