Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services –

As computer attack patterns shift and threats to networks change and grow almost daily, it is critical that organizations achieve reliable information security. Investment decisions about information security are best considered in the context of managing business risk. Risks can be accepted, mitigated, avoided, or transferred.

Managed Security Services Include:

a)      Firewall Services.

b)      Antivirus and Anti Malaware.

c)      Web Filtering.

d)      Vulnerability Management.

Firewall Services ÔÇô

Firewalls form the crucial first line of defence in protecting your company against unwanted malicious threats. But the challenge of maintaining perimeter security against these ever-evolving threats has become a headache for many organisations, which is why Lelogix offers a Managed Firewall service based on industry-leading security platforms and backed by skilled live support.

Managed Antivirus and Antimalware Services ÔÇô

We are not alone in saying that managing and maintaining Annual Anti-Virus renewals is a chore. YouÔÇÖve got numerous problems, not least of which is the admin overhead of expanding the Anti-Virus (AV) license when a new workstation or user is added to a clientÔÇÖs network. Sending multiple invoices throughout the year with Pro-Rata costs for new licenses is a chore, and worse, if pro-rata *isnÔÇÖt* available from your AV Vendor of choice, youÔÇÖve got a whole heap of licenses with different expiry dates to manage.

This is where we come in giving you simple solution to your AV and AM issues.

Complete integrated solution that provides security protection for servers, workstations,     and mobile computers
Single renewal date for all machines
Reduces administrator workload and security costs
Complete and easy-to-use reporting and alerting
Central administration of all features, including deployment updates, and scheduling
Easy to use protection – install and forget
Quality proven by all major antivirus certifications
Superior virus detection based on better heuristics and NTFS data streams scanning
Unique automatic threat-removal antispyware engine
Real-time protection with on-access scanning
Off-site laptops receive virus definition updates (only an Internet connection is required)

Managed Web Filtering Services ÔÇô

With over 7.5 million new or updated Web pages being created every day and Google indexing at least 1.3 Trillion URLs, first and second generation Web filters relying solely on URL lists and keyword scanning are now obsolete and no longer provide the real-time protection organizations require to manage the risks presented by the Web. Whether it is employee productivity being reduced as a result of personal Web browsing, malware being delivered onto the network by seemingly ÔÇ£safeÔÇØ sites, or users viewing inappropriate content, the Internet can present real risks to organizations. ThatÔÇÖs why you need a dynamic Web filtering solution with genuine real-time content analysis which can effectively address these risks.

Our Web Filter provides unsurpassed Web content filtering and protection against inappropriate and productivity-impacting Web pages and includes malware protection as standard to minimize Web-based security threats.

Our Web Filter will:

Reduce risk
Improve security
Increase user productivity
Reduce IT management time
Increase compliance
Reduce costs
Genuine real-time Web content filtering for zero-second protection

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management enables clients to seamlessly manage the vulnerability remediation process. Clients are able to save time and reduce the number of tedious tasks associated with vulnerability remediation.

Vulnerability Management features:

As a self-driven, on-demand service ÔÇô clients get full control
As a managed service, we scan on clients’ behalf ÔÇô and clients retain on-demand control
Optional pre- and post-scan vulnerability analysis support
Asset driven scheduling, scanning, and reporting
Integrated, correlated and delivered in the Security & Compliance Portal
Supports multiple proprietary and commercial tools
Quickly deployed and configured for your IT environment and IS program