Managed Network Solution & Services

Managed Network Solution & Services

Lelogix Managed Network Services is essential for organizations that cannot afford to compromise on the security, compliance and efficiency of their network operations. Lelogix delivers flexible managed network & security services that work the way clients want.
Managed Network Services Include:

  • Device (Router, Switches, Firewall, VPN) Configuration, Management & Monitoring
  • Managed Security Services
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Compliance Services┬á

Firewall Services ÔÇôFirewalls form the crucial first line of defence in protecting your company against unwanted malicious threats. But the challenge of maintaining perimeter security against these ever-evolving threats has become a headache for many organisations, that’s why Lelogix offers a Managed Firewall service based on industry-leading security platforms and backed by skilled live support.

Router Services ÔÇô

Do you need to enhance the availability, performance and efficiency of your WAN network operations ÔÇö without increasing IT resources? And do you need the ease of a single point of contact for end-to-end management of your service, all the way to your premises? The Lelogix Managed Router service provides turnkey management of your WAN routers to address these needs. The service includes installation, configuration, monitoring, management and maintenance of the routers, with optional security packages, providing remote access to your network and/or blocking unauthorized access, while permitting authorized communications. The Managed Router service is a value-added option to the Lelogix Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Lelogix IP VPN services.

Switches Services ÔÇô

Evidently, there are many benefits to using a managed switch from Lelogix. You’ll get benefit of our years of technical experience, and the qualifications our team have gained over that period.You’ll get all this expertise for a fraction of the cost of managing your switches in-house. Our technical team is available 24×7, allowing you to contact a real person for technical support, irrespective of the time of day.

VPN Services ÔÇô

The Managed Virtual Private Network service enables secure Internet connections between your geographically dispersed offices, remote teleworkers, and mobile sales forces. Share information between your branches, and allow your mobile workers to plug in to your corporate network from any location.

Our Managed Network & Security Service offers best match between cost and security. This service includes:

  • Preventative maintenance including patches, upgrades, error log review and traffic analysis
  • Device configuration reviews and recommendations to assess availability, performance and security considerations
  • 24×7 support of the firewall platform to ensure prompt response to performance or hardware issues.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management enables clients to seamlessly manage the vulnerability remediation process. Clients are able to save time and reduce the number of tedious tasks associated with vulnerability remediation.

Process we follow to give you peace of mind ÔÇô

IDENTIFY:      Real-time information on vulnerabilities in one centralized database

PRIORITIZE:   Customized classification, focused remediation efforts

ASSIGN:        Workflow processing, automated ticketing, journaling of remediation

MANAGE:    Collaboration between groups, simplified tracking of remediation, custom reports and charts.

AUDIT:         Create auditable record of remediation process from identification through close.