Managed Monitoring Services

Managed Monitoring Services

Servers Monitoring

Managed Server Monitoring of your servers provides you email notification when an exception condition is detected, a service check exceeds a pre-set threshold or a device outage occurs ÔÇô automatically, instantly. It also allows you to access the current state of your servers by viewing the status of selected device parameters via our easy-to-use self-service web portal.Managed monitoring from LELOGIX means you can troubleshoot problems immediately, and perhaps more importantly, you can see problems developing and take proactive steps to remedy them before they impact system performance or uptime.

Features & Benefits

Flexible, Customizable

There are different server performance indicators and operational checks that can be monitored. LELOGIX has pre-selected five indicators to monitor for every server, and customers can choose up to an additional 10. Agent software is added to each server for each KPI monitored. Pre-selected indicators include:

ÔÇó┬á Server Connectivity ÔǪ SNMP ping every 5 minutes

ÔÇó┬á CPU Utilization ÔǪ scanned every 15 minutes; alarms at 80%

ÔÇó┬á RAM Memory Utilization ÔǪ scanned every 5 minutes; alarms at 80%

ÔÇó┬á Disk Utilization ÔǪ scanned every 5 minutes; alarms at 95%

ÔÇó┬á OS Patch Monitoring ÔǪ scanned every 12 days


Devices are monitored on a 24×7 basis, and email alert messages are automatically sent to you when any exception condition is detected.


Through an easy-to-use control panel, you can add, modify or delete notifications and service checks. You can review historical statistics showing total service uptime and/or downtime. And you can add, modify or delete custom “time periods”, which can be associated with notifications and service checks to allow for maintenance windows and time-based alerting.

Patch Update

Tracking, installing and testing patches ÔÇô especially across multiple servers ÔÇô is routine, repetitive and boring work that contributes little to job satisfaction and keeps staff from being able to focus on more important initiatives.But, as any IT manager knows, it’s vitally important.

LELOGIX’s Patch Management service ensures that your server operating system and associated applications are patched with the latest hot fixes, updates and security definitions. So you know your server is free of bugs and protected from threats that could compromise the stability of your system and its hosted applications.

Features & Benefits


LELOGIX will keep your servers up to date with the latest vendor-supplied patches and hotfixes for the operating system, and any applications shipped as part of the operating system, such as Internet Explorer, Silverlight and .NET, so your IT staff doesn’t have to. They are free to focus instead on the more important needs of your business ÔÇô which is exactly you want them to do.


Patches to operating systems and associated applications are applied within 30 days. Security-related patches are typically applied within one week of their release however, depending on severity and impact a patch may be applied within four hours.

Advance Notice

LELOGIX will provide you with a minimum of three days advance notice on what patches will be applied and the maintenance window during which they will be applied.

Application Monitoring ÔÇô

With voice, multimedia and data, all sharing a common IP network infrastructure, itÔÇÖs more difficult than ever for enterprises and their service providers to monitor and ensure the performance of IP-based services. Today, organizations rely heavily on the applications used and data that travels over the corporate network, making it a vital business vehicle. Thus, itÔÇÖs critical to monitor quality of experience (QoE) across the distributed network to ensure consistent, quality application response times and performance as well as compliance with enterprise SLAs.

Why you need us ÔÇô

  • The need to manage and monitor multiple business services on the shared networkÔÇöin an efficient and unified manner
  • A scalable and cost-effective method of collecting many types of service data records from multiple enterprise customers
  • A way to easily manage the segmentation of data by customer or business unit and provide accurate service/application monitoring and reporting
  • A way to process the massive amounts of data without losing the details or sacrificing performance
  • The ability to support proprietary data record formats from various equipment vendors and standards bodies (e.g., ITU, IEEE and IETF)

Database Monitoring

Database Performance Management is a comprehensive Lelogix service that delivers rapid problem resolution for database performance issues. Lelogix provides Database Performance Management through a powerful combination of technology and skills which incorporates the Database Appliances, and the expertise of Lelogix Database Administration as a Service. By bundling these together in a service, you donÔÇÖt need to purchase, install or manage new hardware and software to gain access to powerful Database Performance Management capabilities.

Lelogix can monitor any combination of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database platforms while also correlating NetApp I/O Latency with database performance. The service continuously monitors test or production database instances 24×7 and stores detailed historical data about the resource consumption and wait events in a repository.

Lelogix’s Database Performance Management does not require any software agents on your monitored databases, instead agentless technology is used to monitor from a remote central server, which negates deployment issues and monitoring overhead. Our Solutions are ideally suited to cloud, virtual or physical architectures and performs great in high load production environments.

Any Other Client Specific or Application Specific Monitoring ÔÇô

We can tune our offering to our clients needs if the client requires monitoring of any specific ÔÇô





e)Cloud etc

We can provide tailor made services for the same.

Managed Troubleshooting Services

LelogixÔÇÖs Service Desk process backed by ITIL methodology acts as the nodal point between service providers and end-users and keeps users informed about all relevant service events, actions and service changes that are likely to affect them. Lelogix supports its customers through its offshore/near shore delivery centers and a comprehensive array of offerings such as:

  • The ITIL-based framework and Service Delivery
  • Offshore IT Service Desks for IT infrastructure support and management
    IT Infrastructure support covering desktop/laptops, servers, operating systems, office suites, email and browser support, network and connectivity issues,  custom applications, and infrastructure support.
  • Incident management for user queries, so each issue is logged and monitored until resolved
  • Business linked SLAs covering Third Party Services-99.7 percent (Beyond component level SAs)
  • Quantitative Analysis for continuous service improvements