Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Managed Backup Services
Designed for the needs of today’s data driven businesses, LelogixÔÇÖs Managed Backup Solution is tailored to deliver security, performance and scalability to your business.┬á Our certified engineers backup your data to our data center using highly reliable disk based backup. Data is seamlessly protected from your environment to our secure facility, ensuring data privacy and integrity is maintained from start to finish.

Managed Backup Solution include:

  • Customizable data rules
  • Highly reliable disk based backup
  • Optional long-term archiving with tape based backups
  • Live database backups for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Optional off-site replication at one or more of our secure facilities or to an additional remote facility.
  • Direct Attached storage solutions.
  • sSAN ÔÇô Shared storage area network solutions.
  • dSAN ÔÇô Dedicated storage area network.
  • dNAS ÔÇô Dedicated network Attached storage solutions.

Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Every business should have a business continuity plan in place. Not an idea, but a well-articulated and detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue on in the aftermath. This plan includes crisis management, business procedures/processes and work area management to name a few considerations.

Another important, yet often overlooked part of your business continuity plan is IT disaster recovery (DR). In broad terms, this is how you deal with and prevent IT downtime. Even if every other part of your business continuity plan is executed perfectly, you remain at a standstill if your IT systems go down and stay down. And the situation will only get worse as your revenue and reputation take a beating.

Disaster Recovery Isn’t the Same as Disaster Prevention:

There’s a huge difference between disaster prevention and disaster recovery. Both are necessary. But the former only mitigates the risk of downtime. The latter makes sure if downtime happens you can actually get your IT back online quickly.

  • Technical details for Small Requirements ÔÇô
  • Host Based Replication Services
  • Geographically Diverse Replication for Your Mission-critical Server Data
  • Replicates critical files
  • Support for physical & virtualized environment
  • Team of certified Replication professionals deploy & support your solution

Enterprise Replication Services:

  • Enterprise-class Array Based File and Block Level Replication
  • DC-to-DC Replication for mission critical data stored on dedicated NAS (dNAS) and dedicated SAN (dSAN) devices
  • dNAS to dNAS Replication
  • dSAN to dSAN Replication
  • Customized replication solutions
  • Team of certified NAS and SAN Engineers to design, implement & manage your solution

Professional DR Services:

  • Customized, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Application, database & full server failover
  • DR Plan consulting & testing
  • Active/passive failover or geographic load balancing
  • Full support for off-site replication to customer managed data center
  • Flexible RPO & RTO targets
  • Team of certified DR engineers design, deploy & manage your solution

Managed Business Continuity Planning Services –

With the threat of business interruption on the rise, there has been a vast increase in regulatory requirements. At the same time, customers are also demanding that service providers take steps to secure their data and maintain system uptime. Business Continuity Planning ÔÇô once a ÔÇ£nice to haveÔÇØ feature ÔÇô has become mandatory to preserve customer con┬¡fidence and provide a competitive edge.
Lelogix offers three business continuity and disaster recovery programs:
Cloud Replication is a business continuity and disaster recovery service for the mid-market. This cloud-based offering ensures all business critical applications and data are always available to end users ÔÇô without the need to purchase hardware, software, networking and remote disaster recovery facilities.

IT Systems Recovery solutions, ideal for the enterprise market, enable full disaster recovery and business continuity planning for the entire application environment which includes the provisioning of all associated storage and networking equipment.

Workforce Continuity – reduces your vulnerability to workplace disruption and lost productivity during an event or outage by providing recovery resources that focus on your people and processes instead of just assets. We also provide the physical space and related technological components to recover your end-user business functions.

Lelogix Business Continuity Solutions are more than a product, technology or service. Collectively, they form the basis of your strategic plan letting you conduct IT operations to stay in business.

Business Benefits ÔÇô

  • Enhance application availability, recoverability and data integrity
  • Improve regulatory compliance and limit ┬¡ fines or penalties for non-compliance
  • Prevent the loss of critical data with real-time cloud replication
  • Protect your organizational reputation
  • Avoid lost sales or revenues due to unanticipated downtime
  • Strengthen customer, stockholder and business partner confidence
  • Limit supply chain interruptions
  • Reduce your total cost of IT ownership
  • Fulfill your recovery point and recovery time objectives
  • Prioritize disparate organizational requirements to align IT resources with your business goals

When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, Lelogix offers a range of industry-leading expertise.

For BCP we can offer all these features with our bundled product –

  • Encryption
  • Network backup
  • Continuous backup – Continuous Data Protection
  • File-by-File Restore
  • Online access to files
  • Data compression
  • Differential data compression
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Off-Line Backup
  • Synchronization