We are an international software development company based in the USA with its branches in India also. We employ highly qualified software development engineers in India; however, as a US registered company, we can provide our clients with the security and operational development framework they require. The company was founded in 2004 with a motive to overcome the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of Technology itself. Over 9 years of work, we have developed a range of solutions in the domain of the services as follows:

  • Customized Software Development
  • Consulting
  • System Integration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Services Related to Infrastructure Management
  • Active Monitoring Help-Desk
  • Database Migration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Taxation and Revenue

Our specialists have been providing software development services to a multitude of clients from West Indies and other countries, with their government using our customized solutions in various genres. By now, we have specialized in automation of business processes used by our clients, of any sphere in any viable timespan.