Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Businesses are finding that the report-centric model of traditional BI isn’t satisfying their business users. This problem is magnified by the fact that most organizations are talking about deploying analytics much more broadly to better run their businesses, and Traditional BI is not well-suited to meet that need. This is why Gartner recommends a portfolio approach that includes traditional BI and what they call a data discovery solutionÔÇöand we call Business Discovery.

Business Discovery is about self-service BI, focused squarely on the business user. It provides a consumer-style approach in which business users are empowered to conduct analysis in a self-sufficient manner. ItÔÇÖs also why so many businesses are implementing QlikView’s Business Discovery architecture in addition to traditional report-centric systems. Business Discovery liberates IT and enables it to focus on areas that are core to its skill set: data preparation, data and application governance, and infrastructure provisioning and monitoring. Because Business Discovery enables a true self-service approach to BI, IT professionals can remove the backlog of requests for new reports and new queries from the business. With Business Discovery, IT enables business users to customize and change analysis on the fly to address their exact business problems. It lets IT deliver a much more real-time approach for business users that allows them to optimize the business through improved decision making.

Why BI

  • Allows creation of Dashboards
  • Forecast, trend and create what-if scenario
  • Innovative Decision making capabilities
  • Start Managing Knowledge/ Trend analysis
  • Structured Repository of Historical Data
  • Contains Business Specified Data to Answer Business Questions