Application Development

Application Development

Lelogix is a specialist in Application development with its extensive focus on Software Product Engineering Approach, Lelogix works as an extended arm to the Partner (client) product engineering team. With a combination of onsite consulting to help our Partner (client) define product roadmaps and offshore product lifecycle engineering services, we assist our Partner (client) to launch superior products ahead of their competition by providing with on demand technical expertise.

Lelogix Application development services offer a full range of services for new product development. We are gearing up towards working with many software companies and system-level software companies. We provide the following services to our clients:


A detailed definition of the system along with system processes and dependencies is made during this phase. Key technology decisions are made in conjunction with the estimates and schedules.

Engineering Plan:

 We analyze your needs from a software engineering and technology perspective. Keeping the time frames and strategic needs in mind, we develop a complete engineering plan for you that take care of your current and future needs.


Those parts of the system that face most uncertainty and ambiguity are rapidly prototyped during this phase and decisions made through client interaction. The UI and high technical uncertainty portions that threaten the execution of the project are addressed in this phase.


During this phase the system and technology architecture for the product is developed.


A high level design of the system is made taking all the above ‘discoveries’ and ‘definitions’ into account. We also address the high level needs of scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance in this phase.

Implementation and Support:

Coding of the system is done based on customer-approved milestones and deliverables.

Actual realization of the system happens during this phase. A completely tested and approved system is then deployed. Maintenance and support is provided depending on the nature of agreement.


A Windows Application is built with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

WIMP (windows, icon, menu, pointer) GUI

Event-driven, Multi-processing

OOP, Client-Server, Component-based, Distributed Computing.

Application programming interface (API) provides building blocks used by applications written for Windows, including Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Window 7 family. The Windows API can be used in all Windows-based applications. The same functions are generally supported on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. We have experience in all major areas of Windows applications development and in-depth knowledge of Windows API and Windows internals.

Our developers are experts in MFC (and, more recently, .NET) development. Allow us to put this experience to work-creating high quality custom solutions for your organization. From business desktop applications to graphic editors to device drivers, Lelogix knows how to put the power of Windows to work for you.

Lelogix is an Offshore Software development, Outsourced Product Development, ASP.NET, Web Application Development Outsourcing Company in India, offering IT software services. We have expertise in Microsoft .Net Framework, .NET 3.5, .NET 2.0, C#, ASP.NET, XML, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, and Web Services etc.

Specialist in: web application development, windows application development, web portal development, e-commerce solutions, ERP and CRM software development and maintenance, Offshore India Developer, Outsourced Programming Services.


ISO is a powerful platform that offers a myriad of possibilities to the developer. Combined with a good understanding of the marketplace and the different user behaviours, a team like Lelogix can bend the odds in favour of your business.Some of the things that you can achieve with an iPhone app are:- Create a dialogue with the user community
– Obtain user-related information
– Extend your reach through social media
– Increase brand engagement with games
– Add a sales channel through in-app purchases
iPhones are meant for those who love good design and savour the latest in technology. We ensure that our developers are on top of game on latest.


Android is a terrific choice for app development if you believe it resonates with your business objectives. It is the most popular operating system for mobile application development and the best part is that it is open source. Hence, it is growing every day and we are proud participants of this fastest growing development. You can expect a high degree of customization from Android, to suit all your needs without compromising on the reach of your app. This strategy works really well for brands and businesses that are aiming at a 360 degree marketing approach.

There are various reasons for esteeming android apps development. The hefty customer base that it offers helps in making business with huge number of population. We can competitively scale up an already existing model to bring a positive transformation through these applications. There is more liberty of development in the android market, as compared to iOS, and hence, it helps in exploring even more prospects to make innovative applications. Also, the ample libraries which are available for graphics, videos, etc. assist us in choosing the best possibilities for current needs of the client.

Digital Footprint/SEO

We at Lelogix use white hat optimization measures to create value for your website on search engines. Our services carry a reputation for being result oriented, a fact well highlighted throughout our record of optimizing websites.

Our SEO services are based on strategies prepared by taking into account the needs of your business. Before proceeding with our SEO strategy, we determine the online aspirations of your company and understand your products and services. If you have an existing website our SEO experts never jump the gun and create SEO strategies and recommendation right away. They first ┬átakes a look at your site’s current ranking, its online presence status and how well it has been optimized for search terms which are most likely to improve sales conversion. Our SEO experts work on planned strategies formulated on the basis of exhaustive planning and analysis.

– Our practices of SEO services are intense and research personified. Years of experience gives us the artillery to work on exhaustive SEO campaigns and deliver in competence with the demands of the most competitive and daunting markets.

– We study keywords that offer highest possible benefits, examine competitors and explore markets to lend an element of versatility to your business on the web. Our SEO strategies are deployed to give you cutting edge over competitors.

– We have a team of highly skilled SEO experts and link builders that lay emphasis on intricate link building to create a strong web presence for your website. The links used by us are obtained manually and only those are practiced which assure optimum productivity.

As credible SEO services providers at Lelogix, we emphasize on transparency. We help our associates in constantly monitoring results and prepare regular reports to enhance the efficacy of their SEO campaign. Ranking status is worked hard upon and progress is constantly looked after. We have responsible and dependable account managers who keep track of the whole campaign and assure the highest quality of customer service.

We have worked on numerous SEO campaigns delivering exemplary results that have resulted in our clients getting a bolstered presence in celebrated search engines.